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  • 2 Pack Mini Paw Moulds

    2 Pack Mini Paw Moulds


    2 Pack Mini Paw Moulds Suitable for freezing or baking Made from A Grade Food-Safe Silicone Features – Easy Release and Cleaning – Oven Proof up to 220 degrees – Microwave Safe – Dishwasher Safe Cavity Size – 3.2cm x 2.5cm x 1.5cm Mould Size – 16cm x 16cm x 1.5cm What’s in the box…

  • 4 Pack Silicone Moulds


    Variety of Paw- and Bone- Shaped Silicone Moulds, suitable for freezing and baking Perfect for homemade dog treats, biscuits or ice treats to beat the summer heat Spoil your loved ones and pets with these cute designs Features: – Made from A-Grade food-safe silicone materials – Easy release and cleaning – Dishwasher Safe – Microwave…

  • 4-in-1 Adjustable Dog Leash


    Strong, durable, multi-functional dog leash suitable for Medium to Large dogs. A worldwide top-selling product, now available on Takealot. Functions: – Shock-absorbing bungee cord – Car seat belt clip – Traffic control handle – D-ring for attachments Top Features: – Aviation aluminium rotating carabiner – Round padded handles – Reflective threads – Adjustable from 1.2m…

  • Bone and Paw Silicone Moulds – 2Pack


    2 x 8 Cavity Silicone Moulds Pawfect for baking and freezing delicious treatos for your furbaby. Can also be used as resin or soap moulds. Non-Toxic Food Grade Silicone BPA Free Oven safe up to 200 Degrees Dishwasher and Microwave safe Easy to clean and store

  • Cat Merry-Go-Round Interactive ToyCat Interactive toy

    Cat Treat Dispensing Toy – Spaceship


    This Interactive Cat Toy will help to relieve anxiety, boredom and provide entertainment for your cat. This cat toy has multiple play elements such as bobbles, moving ball track and treat dispensing function. Made from durable non-toxic ABS material, so you can be sure it will last for years to come. Size: 25cm(w) x 17cm(h)

  • Dog Squeaky Chew Toy


    Looking for a tough, durable chew toy, then you need to try this one out. Made from natural rubber with a built-in squeaker, this flexible yet sturdy toy is ideal for chewing fanatics and will keep your pooch entertained whilst cleaning their teeth on the various grooves and textures. Treats can also be wedged between…

  • Dragon Chew Toy 3Dragon Chew Toy 1

    Dragon Dog Chew Toy


    Dragon Dog Chew Toy The most durable chew toys on our store! Made of natural rubber, if you’re looking for an indestructible chew toy, this is the one. Current range: Crocodile, Dragon, Shark, skull Bone Size: 16 x 7 cm

  • Folding Water Bottle 550ml


    Prima Paws – Foldable Travel Water Bottle 550ml This accessory is ideal for daily walks around the block. The larger sized trough is perfect for larger dogs as well as brachy breeds. Made from high quality ABS materials, these carry bottles have strong impact resistance and high durability. Versatile and Compact. Lead and BPA-free. Features:…

  • Food and Water Bubble Dispenser


    Omnidirectional food and water bowl with automatic water dispenser. Provides a drip preventing drinking solution and includes a removable stainless steel bowl  and drip tray for easy cleaning.

  • Ice Lolly Chew ToyIce Lolly Chew Toy

    Ice Lolly Chew Toy


    Fill with plain or flavoured water and place the Ice Lolly Chew Toy in the freezer for a cooling chew treat for those summer days. This toy also cleans teeth and can be used with pet dental paste. To use, submerge the yellow portion in water and squeeze out the air, then release to draw…

  • Interactive Puzzle Toy – Intermediate


    A circular multi-granary sliding puzzle pawfect for beginners Hide treats or kibble in various compartments and/or directly into slots inside movable pieces. Toggle between static/locked or movable state. Your pet will need to naturally forage and slide, boop, paw and sniff their way through the various obstacles to get to their reward. Remember to have…

  • Large Interactive Puzzle Toy for Dogs – Difficult


    Large multi-stage interactive puzzle for dogs. Hide treats or kibble under hidden compartments and/or directly into slots inside movable pieces. Your pet will need to naturally forage and slide, boop, paw and sniff their way through the various obstacles to get to their reward. Remember to have patience with your pet if you are just…

  • Multi-functional Slow Feeding BowlMulti-functional Slow Feeding Bowl

    Multi-functional Slow Feeding Bowl


    The design of the Multi-functional Slow Feeding Bowl, allows for two different slow feeder bowl inserts to used to suit all breeds and food types. Disc changing is quick and easy. Made from durable BPA and PVC plastic. Holds up to 3 cups of food making it perfect for all size pets and all types…

  • Natural Rubber dental chew toy for dogs


    A durable dental chew toy made from natural rubber, great for eager chewers. This toy has contours, ridges and bristles to aid with dental cleaning. Easily filled with your dog’s favourite kibble and/or dog treats that will dispense as the toy is knocked around. Great for slow feeding and an interactive alternative to feeding kibble…

  • Snuffle Mat Rainbow

    Pet Snuffle Mat


    Keep your pooch entertained by encouraging enrichment activities during feeding or snack time. Snuffle mats are a great way to enhance your pet’s powerful sense of smell as they snuffle, snort and forage their way through. Measurements: 52 X 43cm

  • Poop Bag Dispensers – Silicone


    Our Prima Paws silicone poop bag dispensers with a large carabiner to attach onto lead or bag whilst on the go. Available in Lime, Turquoise, Cerise or Black. Includes one free poop bag roll.

  • Set of 2 Bone Shaped Silicone Baking MoldsSet of 2 Bone Shaped Silicone Baking Molds

    Set of 2 Bone Shaped Silicone Baking Molds


    Set of 2 Bone Shaped Silicone Baking Molds purfect for baking & freezing. Set of 2 bone-shaped baking trays. Spoil your loved ones and pets with cute designs. Features: – 2 silicone molds – easy release and cleaning Our paw and bone molds are made of food grade silicone, bpa-free, heat resistant, ovenproof to 220…

  • Slide and Flip Puzzle – Paw


    This intermediate pet puzzle features a two stage slide-and-flip game with squeaky centre. Great for scent work, mental stimulation, interactive training, and slow feeding. Treats/kibble can be hidden under the sliding slots as well as the flip lids. PS Your pet may need some human guidance figuring out how to access the more challenging “locked”…

  • Slow Feeder – Standard


    Lime, Blue, Coral

  • Slow Feeding Digital Smart BowlSlow Feeding Smart Bowl

    Slow Feeding Digital Smart Bowl


    High-precision digital scale Removable Slow Feeding Plate Stainless steel bowl Digital LCD display screen Capacity up to 600g Memory storage of last feed setting Requires 2 x AA Batteries(not included)

  • snuffle mat

    Snuffle Mat – Blossom


    A snuffle mat encourages a dogs natural instinct to sniff and search for food. This interactive mat will keep them busy and is a great way to enhance your pet’s powerful sense of smell as they snuffle, snort and sniff their way through .

  • Soccer Ball- Glow in the Dark


    Kick, chase, retrieve – repeat. Your pooch can now be part of the team! This multi use soccer ball is pawfect for kiddos and pooch to burn off some energy in the garden or pool. Made from durable PU leather with tough nylon tags Available in 2 sizes Diameter: 15cm (S), 18.5cm (L)

  • Talking Buttons Mat


    You’ve asked for it and it’s finally here! The pawfect way to organize your Prima Paws Talking Buttons. Large Interlocking non-slip foam mat, each capable of holding a set of 4 buttons. Arrange your communication board in the most suitable setup for you and your pet. Compatible with all models of the Prima Paws Voice…

  • Training Bells


    The perfect beginner toy for training commands. Ring for food, ring for walkies, ring for treats Place around the house at featured locations in preparation for progression to Talking Buttons Eg. Place one at the door for potty training/outside, at the food bowl for mealtime, at the toy basket for play etc. Comes in a…

  • Ultimate Snuffle Mat Combo Set


    This is the ultimate foraging heaven for your food-driven pooches. Make mealtimes fun again whilst slowing down your vacuum cleaners. Hide treats or kibble in the variety of slots available on this large snuffle mat. The underside is made with a non-slip base and attachment clip to secure it to a table or chair. For…

  • Voice Recordable Talking Buttons


    You’ve seen the videos on Tik Tok and Instagram! Now you too can teach your furbaby to communicate with you. Included in your pawkage are 12 action stickers to choose from to help guide you on phrases to record. Set also includes screwdriver and instruction guide. Record phrases such as “walkies”, “outside”, “treats”, “I love…

  • Dog lick matDog lick mat

    Waffle Lick Mat set of 2


    Set of 2 lick mats with variable patterns for wet and dry feeding. Shallow sections allow for wet type foods such as doggy peanut butter. The deeper honeycomb & star patterned sections are ideal for dry foods like pellets or biscuit pieces. Slower feeding helps improve digestion and promotes healthy eating habits. Suction cups on…

  • Combo Feeder Travel Set


    Available in Purple, Yellow, White, Black and Orange

    Includes 2 collapsible silicone bowls